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Stabismus and Amblyopia

Vision Therapy programs offer much higher cure rates for turned eyes and/or lazy eye when compared to eye surgery, glasses, and/or patching, without therapy.  The earlier the patient receives Vision Therapy the better, however, our office successfully treats adult patients  as well.

Recent scientific research has disproved the long held belief that children with lazy eye, or amblyopia, cannot be helped after age 7

To learn more about crossed eyes, eye turns or lazy eye, visit any of these web pages:

  • Amblyopia, Lazy Eye, and Strabismus - Not All The Same!
  • Children's Vision: Amblyopia (Lazy Eye), Strabismus (Crossed Eyes, Cross-eyed, Wall-eyed, Intermittent Exotropia, Hypertropia, Esotropia, etc.) Exophoria...
  • Eye Muscle Surgery: Treatment for Strabismus, Lazy Eye, Intermittent Exotropia, etc.
  • What is Amblyopia or Lazy Eye?
  • What is Convergence Insufficiency Disorder, Intermittent Exotropia, Exophoria?
  • What is Seeing Double or Double Vision?
  • Vision Therapy Eye Exercises as Treatment for Amblyopia (Lazy Eye), Strabismus (Crossed eyes), Convergence Insufficiency Disorder, etc.

 21st. century life demands more from our vision than ever before.  Many children and adults constantly use their near vision at school, work and home.  Environmental stresses on the visual system (including excessive computer use or close work) can induce blurred vision, eyestrain, headaches, etc.  To learn about vision therapy for these problems see:

  • Blurred Vision, Blurry Eyesight - Reading and Computer Work - VT Eye Exercises
  • Dizziness, Motion Sickness, Eye Strain, Stomachaches, Double Vision
  • Eye Strain or Eye Fatigue with Computer Work and Reading - Eye Exercises
  • Relief of Frequent or Chronic Headaches, Stress, Eyestrain, and/or Stomachaches during or after Reading, School or Office Work

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