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The results were amazing

Vision Therapy is great! For my elder son, the eye power was increasing very rapidly and that is when I consulted Dr. Sheriff and started Vision Therapy for him. She constantly monitored the progress. The results were amazing. 

The eye power growth rate significantly dropped now. With the eye exercises and fun activities that train his eyes, my son is having fun. All the therapists are well trained, patient, and friendly. I'm really moved by the passion that Mike carries with him towards therapy and all his energy. My kids enjoy working with him and it is more like playing fun games than formal therapy with him. 

He also tried Ortho-K nighttime lenses recently and is getting comfortable with it now. Looking at all the fun my elder son (9) is having, my younger son (4) joined the party as well. Now both are having a great time and they look forward to the therapy session every week.

- Prasad