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Please let us know what you thought of our office. Please specify which office, and if multiple, try to comment on both if you can!

Tustin office staff are friendly and communicate well with parents. The staff work with the unique needs of the child. They find what motivates & work to encourage the child motivates & encourages. The child through reach activity. Our 7-year-old son enjoys therapy and feels it is helpful.

What was the reason you (or your child) came to vision therapy?

Low reading levels Convergence Insufficiency Diagnosis, difficulty with focus when reading,  low stamina when reading.

What did you think of your (or your child's) vision therapy results?

Karter continues to improve in his reading ability endurance and his writing has improved as well. Behaviorally are have noticed he is better able to be flexible, where he used to be rigid.

What would you tell someone who wasn't sure if they wanted to do Vision Therapy?

We have found it to be helpful & me continue to see our 7-year-old son grow from being behind by 2-grade levels in reading. I now enjoy reading.

- Karter Keller