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I thank Dr. Sharieff and your staff for all the hard work

In 1st grade, we noticed Maverick was having a lot of difficulty rearing and his handwriting was becoming progressively worse. He had also been complaining that if he looked at something too long everything would get very blurry. I took him to get an eye exam and a functional vision screening through which we learned the vision in his right eye was about 20/20 and the left eye was about 20/40 and also showed he had intermittent amblyopia(lazy eye) amongst other things and it was recommended I start him in Vision Therapy ("VT"). Dr. Sharieff was recommended to me by a Pediatric Neurologist and I'm so glad she was. She and her staff have been so helpful.

They have been working with Maverick now for almost 9 months and in that time we have seen drastic improvements in Maverick's reading and writing. His school does a reading assessment at the start, middle & end of the school year. The start of 1st grade he was way below the benchmark he needed to be and by the end he had reached the benchmark he needed to be at which I attribute to the help I received from the school, working with him at home & all the help from VT. VT has not only helped Maverick academically but also his coordination has improved which was noticed by his The Kwon Do Instructor.

The improvements he's shown have given his overall self-esteem a boost and where he used to resist reading he now enjoys it more. VT has really made a difference & for that I Thank Dr. Sharieff and your staff for all the hard work and dedication you provide us & your other patients.

Nicole (Maverick's Mom )

- Nicole