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Before I started their vision therapy I already could tell that my eyes were misaligned. Asking about it on one of my annual checkups when I found what I have is called strabismus. Little did I know before then that my left eye actually was being ignored on a daily basis and that I have been looking through primarily my right eye only.

Vision therapy has helped me train my left eye so it can work together with my right. The training so far not only has helped me see through both and improve merging but also has strengthened my left eye as well to see better overall as it is my weaker eye.

There is still more to go to get them to merge fully however the difference from when I started is there. Before it required a lot of effort to both keep my left eye active and merge both horizontally but now on the exercises, we do it's almost effortless to merge them horizontally and keep my left eye active which is a great improvement to how it was pre-therapy. Employees are also very friendly and like to share what is going on.

- Alex M.