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Dr. Kauser runs a great clinic. The environment is professional, the employees are genuinely friendly. They have a good selection of frames from the lower end to the higher end. Their new vision therapist is really great with kids. She's patient, and encouraging and really responds well to their needs.

They recently just hosted a vision therapy workshop for the community which was extremely informing. Educators, parents, and professionals in the medical field participated and went away with a better understanding of what to look for in children who need vision therapy. Surprisingly students with ADHD-like symptoms may not necessarily have ADHD but may have a developmental issue with their eyes and brain. Also, sports concussions may factor in with a loss of focus because of the inability to read with ease.

As a vision therapy patient for a couple of years, I actually gained a better understanding of here at this clinic of my issues. They explained why I had certain focusing symptoms and how they manifest itself at work or home.

I see that Dr. Kauser is bringing more awareness of vision therapy to the community and I love it. If you know any child, student, person, or person with vision challenges, I'd recommend this place.

- Justin K.