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My VT Story 13

- Fath Murray

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- Anthony O.

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- Joser M.

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- Lauren

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- David S.

My husband had an issue with his vision, I had a friend who recommended Dr. Sharieff to us. We had a visit and I have to say that I believe and know that she has the knowledge and knows her job, Dr. Sharieff is beyond her words, she helped my husband a lot, he gets his optometrist treatments and we see a huge difference. Thank you so much DR Sharieff; I wish The best and success to you and your wonderful team. 100% recommended

- Nikki T.

Before I started their vision therapy I already could tell that my eyes were misaligned. Asking about it on one of my annual checkups when I found what I have is called strabismus. Little did I know before then that my left eye actually was being ignored on a daily basis and that I have been looking through primarily my right eye only.

Vision therapy has helped me train my left eye so it can work together with my right. The training so far not only has helped me see through both and improve merging but also has strengthened my left eye as well to see better overall as it is my weaker eye.

There is still more to go to get them to merge fully however the difference from when I started is there. Before it required a lot of effort to both keep my left eye active and merge both horizontally but now on the exercises, we do it's almost effortless to merge them horizontally and keep my left eye active which is a great improvement to how it was pre-therapy. Employees are also very friendly and like to share what is going on.

- Alex M.

She of a kind doctor, highly recommend her. I also attend eye therapy at her office. My favorite therapy, 5 plus stars.


- Mariana Y.

After a change in insurance, I had to choose a new doctor for vision care. Unfortunately for me, I developed a condition that required a much stronger prescription to correct my vision. My insurance recommended Dr. Sharieff, whose specialty deals with my particular condition, which is more than impaired vision. I have been pleased so far with her practice, and I am happy to work with her as I try to reach my goals in therapy.

- Dean O.

I traveled all the way from Las Vegas to see this OD after a recommendation from a friend. I'm IMPRESSED. Dr. Sharieff is a thorough, patient, and very intelligent woman. I had many questions after some of my very quick visits to the OD in Vegas that led to my eyes feeling dry and headaches that would last hours. This location is a little intimate, but when you're getting such good service...that shouldn't matter.

I would highly recommend Dr. Sharieff for many reasons:

  1.  She's willing to answer your questions in detail rather than scape them aside like many other providers I know.
  2. She'll work with you, not against you.
  3.  She's kind. In my field, I'm in front of a computer for the majority of the day - and Dr. Sharieff understands that. She recommended anti-glares & transitions for the sun.

If this location is too far for you, she's opened up another location! GO SEE HER. You won't regret it.

- Anum W.

Dr. Sharieff is very knowledgeable and lets you know step-by-step what she's doing and why while examining you. She is very kind and was able to help me pick out contacts that work with dry eyes and well as give me tips on how to combat it. She was also able to find a rebate for my contacts.

- Alleah A.

Passion for optometry and eye therapy. Helping patients with a variety of eye needs such as autism, concussion, stroke, or athletes.

If you have trouble with double vision, reading, focusing, lazy eye I would recommend a consultation and you will see the amount of help available to you.

They believe that giving patients great vision is about giving them a greater quality of life.

- Chris C.

Dr. Kauser runs a great clinic. The environment is professional, the employees are genuinely friendly. They have a good selection of frames from the lower end to the higher end. Their new vision therapist is really great with kids. She's patient, and encouraging and really responds well to their needs.

They recently just hosted a vision therapy workshop for the community which was extremely informing. Educators, parents, and professionals in the medical field participated and went away with a better understanding of what to look for in children who need vision therapy. Surprisingly students with ADHD-like symptoms may not necessarily have ADHD but may have a developmental issue with their eyes and brain. Also, sports concussions may factor in with a loss of focus because of the inability to read with ease.

As a vision therapy patient for a couple of years, I actually gained a better understanding of here at this clinic of my issues. They explained why I had certain focusing symptoms and how they manifest itself at work or home.

I see that Dr. Kauser is bringing more awareness of vision therapy to the community and I love it. If you know any child, student, person, or person with vision challenges, I'd recommend this place.

- Justin K.

My son suffered a tragedy that left him vision impaired to the point of becoming legally blind. Through the amazing efforts of Dr. Sharieff and her therapy staff, my son is making steady improvements. Dr. Sharieff is a compassionate and well-versed professional. Her innovative and well-researched therapies reach many patients like my son. Lori her office manager is amazing and extremely helpful. We are forever in debt to Jessica and Lena as vision therapists.

- Ellen T.

Vision Therapy is great! For my elder son, the eye power was increasing very rapidly and that is when I consulted Dr. Sheriff and started Vision Therapy for him. She constantly monitored the progress. The results were amazing. The eye power growth rate significantly dropped now. With the eye exercises and fun activities that train his eyes, my son is having fun. All the therapists are well-trained, patient, and friendly. I'm really moved by the passion that Mike carries with him toward therapy and all his energy. My kids enjoy working with him and it is more like playing fun games than formal therapy with him. He also tried Ortho-K nighttime lenses recently and is getting comfortable with them now. Looking at all the fun my elder son (9) is having, my younger son (4) joined the party as well. Now both are having a great time and they look forward to the therapy session.

- Prasad R.