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Children with Special Needs Reviews

My VT Story 19

- Kathy Furen

My VT Story 10


I definitely would recommend sensory learning for any parent with a child on the spectrum. I will be doing the therapy with my younger son when he is a little older.


We first came to Dr. Sharieff's office to begin sensory learning for our son, who was 3 at the time with autism. Before we started the therapy, he was so hyperactive I couldn't take him out without a kid leash, he had non-conversational speech, and his sensory sensitivities were so bad he couldn't even stand to have food in his mouth.

After the third day, my husband asked our son, 'Hi! How are you?" Our son turned around and said, "Hi Daddy! I'm fine, how are you?" Both of us stood there in shock- it was the first time our son had ever responded to this question without just repeating the question we asked him. After the 5th day, he started singing along to songs in the car, and we noticed a big improvement in his awareness. Even his speech and occupational therapists couldn't believe how calm and at moment he was becoming.

- Cat L.

Passion for optometry and eye therapy. Helping patients with a variety of eye needs such as autism, concussion, stroke, or athletes.

If you have trouble with double vision, reading, focusing, lazy eye I would recommend a consultation and you will see the amount of help available to you.

They believe that giving patients great vision is about giving them a greater quality of life.

- Chris C.

My son suffered a tragedy that left him vision impaired to the point of becoming legally blind. Through the amazing efforts of Dr. Sharieff and her therapy staff, my son is making steady improvements. Dr. Sharieff is a compassionate and well-versed professional. Her innovative and well-researched therapies reach many patients like my son. Lori her office manager is amazing and extremely helpful. We are forever in debt to Jessica and Lena as vision therapists.

- Ellen T.