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Autism, ADD, ADHD

The visual system is our dominant sense- more information is obtained by the visual sensory system than by any other sensory systems. Developmental optometrists such as Dr. Kaplan and his colleagues have published research demonstrating that visual training frequently can successfully address visual dysfunctions in patients with Autism, ADD, ADHD/ developmental disabilities and in the process allow children to open up to a world once closed to them.

Many disabled children suffer from neurological problems that prevent them from correctly perceiving what their eyes see. These perceptual deficits can translate into impaired social skills, poor language skills, motor problems, etc. even in children with 20/20 eyesight.

Visual dysfunctions have unfavorable consequences because the human organism is a "spatial action system", and most of the information we receive from our environment comes from our visual processes. When these processes break down, the result can be catastrophic- because seeing a world that is distorted, fragmented, two-dimensional, or incomprehensible can be very disabling.

Vision therapy works synergistically with other interventions enabling children to respond much more positively to educational intervention and other therapy modalities.

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